Diet after all-on-4 dental implant surgical treatment procedure in Delhi India

//Diet after all-on-4 dental implant surgical treatment procedure in Delhi India

Diet after all-on-4 dental implant surgical treatment procedure in Delhi India

Sometimes after the healing process, you may run into problems. Here are the most common problems you may experience with All-On-4 implants.

  • Surgical Complications

With any type of surgery, there are always risks involved. With an All-On-4 procedure specifically, the possible complications include infections, poor healing, and profuse bleeding. Obviously, your dentist will do everything in their power to avoid these risks, but sometimes they just happen.

It’s best to keep an eye out for these complications following the surgery and let your dentist know of any abnormal changes.


  • Dental Implants That Don’t Integrate with Your Bone

Sometimes the dental implants and your bone don’t agree with each other. Factors that affect how well an implant will integrate with your bone is if you smoke, the quality of your bone density, your nutrition, and many other things.

If an implant fails to work with your bone, your dentist can remove the implant, let the area heal, and insert a new implant.


  • Failed Implants

This is a rare occurrence, but still a possibility. Dental implants have an extremely high success rate, but if one or more happens to fail, your dentist can replace the implant.

The most common reason for a failed implant can is gum disease, which you can avoid by taking good care of your implants and the surrounding gums and going to regular check-ups.


  • Swelling

Swelling is a normal part of getting surgery, and it will reach its climax about 2-3 days after the procedure. Using ice or a cold pack on your cheek within the 24 hours following the procedure can help control it (20 minutes on and 20 minutes off). Your dentist may prescribe you medication as well.


  • Persistent Bleeding

If you find that you have bleeding that won’t stop, this usually means you may be biting down on the gauze packs without them covering the surgical areas. Reposition the gauze and see if that helps.

If this does nothing and the bleeding continues, try sitting upright, avoid physical activity, and put ice packs on the outside of your mouth.

Then you can bite down on one for an hour or a moist black tea bag for about 30 minutes.

If this still doesn’t help, call your dentist to schedule an appointment.


  • Pain

This is something that’s just unavoidable when dealing with surgery. Your full mouth all-on-4 dental implant dentist in Delhi – India, will have given you a prescription for pain medicine — take it as directed and it should help decrease the discomfort.

If you feel that you need more medicine to control the pain, call your dentist.


  • Restricted Diet

As long as the food you eat doesn’t cause more discomfort, it’s probably okay to eat. Though you should avoid any hard foods or candies or very hot foods, and chewing is not recommended if the sensation in your tongue has not returned. The best-case scenario is to consume only Liquids or pureed foods for the first few days after surgery.

Most importantly, make sure your getting nutrition, no matter how inconvenient it may be. It’s crucial to your healing.


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