Tips to Make All on 4 Last Longer

//Tips to Make All on 4 Last Longer

Tips to Make All on 4 Last Longer

The same techniques that help expand the lifespan of implant mounted crowns and traditional dentures will work to prevent a problem with your All on 4 implants. If there is a break in the dentures, replacing the prosthesis is relatively easy. Failures of the dental implants are more difficult to overcome, so use these tips to avoid an anchor break or jaw bone rejection.


  • Choose the right dentist: A dentist who is experienced in dental implants, especially the new All on 4 technique, has the skill to help you avoid almost all of the common causes of implant rejection.


  • Focus on the maintenance of your teeth: The better you take care of your dentures and your overall oral health, the fewer chances you’ll have for damage or rejection. Dentures and implants don’t negate the need for daily brushing and rinsing. Taking care of your remaining teeth while you consider an All on 4 procedure also helps maintain healthy jaw bone tissue to increase the chances of a successful implant surgery.


  • Improve your overall health: Conditions that affect your circulation, immune system, or healing rate will also affect your implants. Most patients that are seeking All on 4 implants have serious dental issues that may make it hard to eat. Eating soft and processed foods may reduce your oral pain, but it can also lead to a loss of bone density in the jaw that interferes with the implant surgery. Taking the time to improve your diet, deal with blood sugar or circulation issues, and generally improve your health will pay off by reducing the chances of a dental implant failure.


  • Pick a tough material for the dentures: If you want your dentures to last as long as possible, avoid plastic and acrylic materials. Zirconia and porcelain offer much better durability, especially if you’re keeping your upper or lower set of natural teeth. Natural teeth are very hard on plastic or acrylic denture and bridge materials, but porcelain and zirconia can withstand their abrasive forces without damaging the enamel in turn.


  • Stop smoking and avoid drinking alcohol: Both smoking and drinking alcohol causes dry mouth. A healthy supply of saliva is essential for strong gums and fast healing after implant surgery. Even picking up a smoking or drinking habit years after you’ve healed will stain your dentures and could cause rejection issues with the implants.


  • Switch your diet: You’ll need to eat only soft foods during the first three months after surgery so the implants can bond properly with the bone tissue in your jaw. After that point, avoid eating hard or sticky foods that could push or pull on the implants and potentially break them. Don’t stick to soft foods exclusively though since the bone tissue of the jaws does need the stimulation of chewing to keep from shrinking away around the implant posts. A healthy diet of lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and shelled nuts will provide both the nutrients you need for good overall health and bone stimulation from moderate chewing forces.


  • Treat teeth grinding first: Grinding your teeth can wear away natural tooth material, so naturally it is also damaging to the materials used for dentures. The forces exerted on the implants as you grind also increases the chances of a break or failure. If you can’t eliminate the grinding habit at night, make sure your dentist fits you for a custom night guard that accommodates the size and shape of the dentures.


With a little care, your All on 4 implants and dentures will definitely last at least a decade and, likely, much longer.



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